Investment Strategy

ABI Investments, LLC has 2 main investment strategies that we use in the San Diego County market:

1.  Buy, Renovate, Restore, Re-Sell

In this scenario, we will purchase below market/distressed real estate and completely renovate and remodel the property.  We specializing in taking homes that are in need of a complete overhaul, and turning them into homes that are completely up to date with all of the modern conveniences comparable to the other homes in the area.  We then competitively price and market the property for a quick sale and return on investment.

2.  Buy, Stabilize, Hold

Our second main investment strategy is to buy residential real estate or apartment buildings that can be renovated, stabilized, and then held as income producing assets and provide quality housing in a particular neighborhood

The strategy that we select is based on a number of different criteria, including (but not limited to) geography, location, price, current inventory population trends and other proprietary metrics.