Design Services

After nearly 20 years of renovating homes throughout the US and Canada we have the expertise and know how to help you with your renovation project or to prepare your home for sale.

Pacific Beach Modern Spanish Kitchen
Pacific Beach Modern Spanish Primary Bath
Pacific Beach ADU
La Mesa Residence Remodel
La Mesa Primary Bath
Mission Hills Historic Home Remodel

How we can help with your home renovation project:

Planning / Budget / Timing / Quality

  1. Identify project scope
  2. Create mood boards on Pinterest based on client aesthetics
  3. Prioritize project “wants,” “needs,” “nice to haves”
  4. Help set a budget
  5. Meet with and get bids from general contractors or vendors
  6. Help with design and room layout
  7. Choose and source finishings, paint, plumbing, hardware, lighting etc.
  8. Help select general contractor and other trades/vendors as needed
  9. Manage general contractor and any outside vendors that may need to be hired (architect, engineer, etc.)
  10. Collaborate with architects, engineers and other construction and building specialists; landscape designers;
  11. Overall management of day to day decisions and planning of your renovation project
  12. Manage the budget and draw requests from contractor to be sure that items that are said to be completed are done
  13. Discuss plans with HOA – if necessary
  14. Negotiate budgets/timetables with General Contractor
  15. Interpret and explain technical information for renovation/permitting/etc.
  16. Report on work progress and budget
  17. Respond to work delays and other problems that may arise
  18. Source furniture and final finishings
  19. Prepare your home for sale and arrange staging (if applicable)