About Our Company

A Boutique Real Estate Investing Company

ABI Investments, LLC is a San Diego, CA-based boutique real estate investment company founded by the husband & wife team of Justin & Dreama Lee in 2003.  Since our founding, we have gone on to do well over $120 Million in real estate transactions.

ABI Investments, LLC is a Limited Liability Corporation registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia and has conducted real estate transactions in Washington, Oregon, Missouri, California, Arizona, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.

While we are experienced investors throughout the United States our core focus is in San Diego, California and Seattle and Bellingham, WA.

We specialize in acquiring below market, distressed residential real estate in San Diego County. Once we acquire these distressed properties we then renovate and/or stabilize the properties, helping to improve the quality of homes and neighborhoods throughout the USA.

Our projects include single-family residence and apartment buildings that we completely restore and renovate.  Once acquired and improved, we either sell to a conventional buyer or an investor, or we hold the property providing clean and affordable rental housing to individuals in the marketplace we are investing.

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